Alton residents paving the way for a new walking trail

Laura Garcia does not just see an unkempt piece of land when she looks at a dirt walking path behind her home.

Garcia said she can see potential.

She said instead of dirt"she can visualize a paved path free of debris and cleared of long grass.

"When I see this I'm really excited---I see all this potential for use to have a trail," Garcia said.

She said a paved trail would allow her and hundreds of others who live in nearby conlonias a safe place to exercise.

She said the path that is there now---if full of discarded tires, trash, and dead animals. Not the ideal place to get in shape.

"It's difficult to walk around here because of all the trash, resident, Maria Garcia said. It would be a great place to walk if it was cleaned up."

That could happen soon as community leaders get ready to present the ~walking trail TM project to Hidalgo County Commissioners.

The project would consist of cleaning up the old trail, laying asphalt, and adding some lights to the dark path.

Community leaders said this project would not cost a lot of money and would allow residents a safe place to stay in shape.

Action 4 News spoke with a representative from Precinct 3---they said this ~walking trail TM is a project they would be happy to support.