Alton woman emerges from coma

Deputies said Amelia

An Alton woman whose estranged husband killed four members of their family has emerged from a coma and is expected to talk with deputies.

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department deputies said 25-year-old Amelia Rojas was shot twice in the stomach and beat with a rifle on Saturday night.

Her estranged husband Roberto Aguirre Rojas behind bars without bond for a planned attack that left four dead and Ameilia in the hospital.

Deputies said Rojas shot and killed his mother-in-law, two stepsons and his own child with Amelia.

Investigators said Amelia's father stopped Rojas before he could kill the 25-year-old woman.

Amelia Rojas had been in a coma since the attack but deputies told Action 4 News that she emerged from the coma on Tuesday morning.

Investigators said they are at the hospital where they hope to get a statement from her.

Roberto Rojas is facing four counts of capital murder and one count of attempted capital murder.

Deputies said Rojas is in solitary confinement at the Hidalgo County Jail where he was placed on suicide watch.

Rojas has shown no signs of suicidal behavior but deputies said the move is a precaution.

Investigators told Action 4 News that they brought Rojas back to place of the attack for a reenactment.

Rojas admitted the attack and deputies said his statements matched evidence found at the scene.