Animal rights group unable to rescue ailing horse

Injured horse

It was behind a locked gate off Duncan Road in Brownsville that animal rights group, Brownsville Animal Defense, found an ailing horse.

They said it was injured, with no food or water and tied to a pole to fend for himself.

"Knowing that there are a lot of cats out there and there are lots of coyotes, I just didn TMt think there was any way (the horse could survive), BAD member Joan said. Obvioulsy there were leaving the animal to die - that's so inhumane."

Despite a veterinarian, Brownsville Police and the Brownsville Health Department attempting to save the horse, it had to be put down.

The case left the animal rights group distraught and they TMre urging people to be more responsible with their animals.

They said that includes knowing when to reach out for help.

"If you need help, you need to find somebody - ask for help, Amy, another BAD member said. Swallow your pride and the embarassment that you may have. Find help because the main concern - even though you're afraid of what people may say or think - the most important priority is to get that animal in better condition."

One group in particular that has been offering to help horse owners when they can no longer care for them is Bluebonnet Equine rescue group.

Members took over the care of Panda, a San Benito horse Action 4 News first reported on, in the summer of 2011.

He was nursed back to health and taken to a new home.

"A lot of people down here in general that we've met, seem to not know what is required, Amy said. They've always wanted a horse, they get a horse and have a place to put it, but then they don TMt know what's needed.

Despite more reports of animal abuse, the group said, there TMs still much to be done to educate the public about properly caring for their animals.

"A lot of people down here seem to think that animals are great and then they stick them outside and then they forget about them, Amy said. Our belief is that animals are part of the family. If you yourself wouldn't want to be in that situation, then they shouldn't either."

The horse TMs owner was cited.

Brownsville Animal Rescue is hoping to build a no-kill shelter. They will host their annual fundraiser on Feb.10 at La Cantera in Brownsville, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. All proceeds will go towards the shelter, helping with pet adoptions and spay and neutering efforts.