Animal rights groups speak out in abandoned poodles case

It's a story that had many of you outraged, poodles rescued from floodwaters in Green Valley farms.

Over a dozen defenseless poodles were trapped with nowhere to go.

The helpless pets were left behind to fend for themselves earlier this month after heavy rains flooded a low lying area.

Now animal rights groups are demanding answers from the Cameron County Sheriff's Department. "Are you going to prosecute or not?", says Edgar Trevino with Brownsville Animal Control.

Trevino along with representatives from several other animal organizations met with Cameron County Sheriff officials Tuesday afternoon to find out if authorities will go after the dogs owner.

"And what we were told today was that they're investigating the case further, and then I guess they are going to make a recommendation to the District Attorney", said Trevino.

Leonard McCarthy, a member of the Brownsville SPCA tells Action 4 News, "I'm trying to be a part of this group that's a voice for the animals to make sure that something happens in a good light."

This case is still under investigation by the Cameron County Sheriff's Department.

The case is expected to wrap up before next Tuesday.

Trevino tells Action 4 News, "We're gonna wait what they say between now and Friday or Monday of next week, and let them finish what they are investigating and we'll take it from there."

The poodles are said to be in good condition and are still in the custody of Cameron County.