Anonymous Instagrammers sending explicit photos to RGV Purge account

A controversial Instagram account circling the Rio Grande Valley last night depicted pictures of naked individuals, some performing sexual acts.

The private account is called RGV Purge and it was active for about four hours.

The account accumulated over 8,000 followers.

According to sources, the account was promoted for days with the account creators claiming they would expose the RGV.

To view the Instagram account, one would have had to share it on their Facebook page.

The account was active from 11 p.m. Thursday to 3 a.m. Friday.

Followers could submit dirty pictures anonymously through direct messages.

Those running the lewd account would post the photos and reveal who the person in the picture was by tagging their Instagram account.

Our source, at one point, saw over 40 photos posted on the Instagram account.

The account has been shut down.

The account was created while the movie "The Purge Anarchy" hits theaters.

The fictitious movie TMs storyline is about legalizing crime for a day.

Action 4 News contacted the FBI, and they confirm an abuse report has been filed and access to the Instagram account has been revoked.

Right now, it is unclear if the photos uploaded to the Instagram account are photos of minors.

If you know of anyone involved please contact your local law enforcement or the FBI.

For more information on how to contact the FBI, CLICK HERE.