Anonymous tips available by text in South Texas

Know a wanted fugitive?

Want to turn him in?

The U.S. Marshals Gulf Coast Violent Offenders and Fugitive Task Force is now taking anonymous tips by text message.

Just text GULFCOAST and your tip to 847411.

"Nowadays everyone is texting," said U.S. Deputy Marshal Juan Lara. "It's just another form of communication, what might be a little bit easier to the public."

Already a success in capturing fugitives in West Texas and North Ohio, Lara said South Texas tipsters can ditch dialing and text instead.

"What happens is a message will be sent to one of our Deputy Marshals who has the capability of texting back with that tipster," said Lara.

Send just one text message or start a text conversation.

Lara said you can stop whenever you want.

He said U.S. Marshals will not be able to call you back.

"In this case the number will not be revealed," said Lara.

You can also use the computer.

Type in

That will bring you to a screen of pictures of most wanted fugitives in South Texas.

If you recognize one, click "submit a tip" and send what you know.

Again, Lara said you will stay anonymous.

"The information will be easily provided, readily available to us and make the job a whole lot easier," said Lara.

A n easier way, Lara added, to keep South Texas safe.