Another La Villa jailer comes forward amid federal investigation

Practices at the East Hidalgo Detention Center in La Villa is are at the center of a federal investigaiton.

Coming forward was not easy for Tony"he put his job on the line to do so.

He said if he did not speak out, the abuse against officers by prisoners at the East Hidalgo Detention Center would continue.

"It's to the point where it drives up the stress level and we don't know what to do anymore, ~Tony TM said. Our hands are tied behind our backs."

Two weeks ago"Warden of the detention center Elberto Bravo was became the center of the a federal investigation and placed on paid administrative leave.

Jailer, Tony, said the ongoing investigation prompted him to come forward.

He said the facility is home to some of the most notorious prison gangs before they are sentenced.

He said if these gang members had money---they could get pretty much whatever they wanted.

"We had two Texas Syndicates there and we had an inmate overhear them on the phone saying 'make sure you pay to pay warden and major---make sure to pay them off, Tony said.

The jailer told Action 4 News payoffs for extra protection at the East Hidalgo Detention Center happen often.

Action 4 News took these allegations to the owner of the facility, LCS Corrections.

They stated that does not happen and add that inmates are not allowed cash inside the facility.