Another tragic chapter in veteran's life after his truck is stolen

A Valley veteran is distraught after his Chevy Silverado was stolen right in front of his McAllen apartment, a truck he bought with his hard earned cash.

25-year old Ricardo Cantu says this adds another devastating chapter to his life.

Thursday night, while Cantu was waiting for a friend to come over, his car was stolen.

However it wasn TMt until his friend arrived and asked him where his truck was that Cantu realized that the first car he has ever owned was stolen right under his nose.

When he went in, he is hey where your truck, Cantu said. I was like what do you mean, where is my truck? It TMs outside. He is, no it TMs not out there man I am not joking, and I came out and sure enough.

Cantu TMs truck was stolen from the parking lot of a McAllen Apartment complex between Harvey and 30th Street.

The pickup truck was stolen around 11 p.m.

Now, Cantu is thinking back about that night and he says he heard the sound of his truck turning on but didn TMt go and check.

The truck is pretty kind of loud when you turn it on so you know cause the exhaust and everything. Cantu said. So when I heard it you know I thought it was my neighbors car cause he has pretty loud vehicle too so I didn TMt think anything of it I didn TMt walk out like I usually do.

However it wasn TMt his neighbor TMs truck, it was Cantu TMs truck and someone driving off in it.

Cantu bought this Chevy Silverado in 2009 for $11,000.

Right now this pickup truck is Cantu TMs only means of transportation.

It really hurts you know cause I put a lot of money, Cantu said. You know it meant like everything to me, it was my pride and joy.

Cantu needs his truck to go to South Texas College, where he is currently studying to get a Business degree.

Life hasn TMt been easy for the Raymondville native, whose parents died when he was just 13-years old.

They left behind 5 children.

Cantu TMs older brother took care for him until he joined the Army.I didn TMt have any money for school so that TMs the only reason I joined the military, I didn TMt have a choice, Cantu said. I didn TMt have a vehicle and I had none of that.

Cantu enlisted in 2007.

During the four years he was in the Army he served two tours in Iraq.

In 2011, it was time to come back home to the Valley for good.

Cantu returned to start a new life and enrolled in South Texas College.

I already served my country and the best thing I can do is keep serving by helping other people more and creating jobs, Cantu said.

While getting his truck stolen is a bump on Cantu TMs road to a new life, he says it won TMt slow him down.

You know I TMve been through a lot but that TMs part of life, Cantu said. I believe its al part of God TMs plan, you know to make me a better person and to create a ripple effect here in the Valley.

Action 4 News did some research and we found hat pickup trucks are the most stolen cars in not only the Valley but also Texas.

If you have seen Cantu TMs truck, you can contact McAllen Police Department at 956-682-4321.