Antonio Villa loses his fight with cancer

For Elidia Villa life will never be the same.

For a whole year she cared for her husband Antonio as he battled for his life.She watched as he went from a strong, hard worker to barely being able to sit up by himself.

But she kept it together even appearing on Channel 4 news to share her husband TMs story in hope that someone could help her.

And that TMs exactly what she got.

Valley residents gave everything from a hospital bed to a cane and even Ensure to help Antonio in his fight.

Unfortunately, Antonio lost his battle but Elidia says the help and support Valley residents showed a man they did not even know meant more than words could say.

Thank you for everything, said Elidia.

Sergio Cuevas, Antonio TMs nephew, said he and his family will always be grateful for the support.

"When he saw himself in the news he cried because he saw people were taking action for him, said Sergio. That people did care and that there are good people out there. I thank each and every one of them."

Sergio also said his uncle is a perfect example of why this country needs some type of health care reform.

"What I'm asking the government is to really plan this health care reform out, said Sergio. To really think about it my uncle was a really good example of how people can suffer just waiting and waiting for the help. How people can need something and not get it."

While Antonio lost his fight, Elidia and Sergio will continue there TMs to make sure no one else has to go through the pain their family did.