Ants on food, walls and floors of tortilleria using personal pest control

Don Julio's Bakery

Diana's Tortilleria on 5804 FM 1015 located north of Weslaco is busted during an inspection with 21 demerits which includes excessive ants.

If there's one thing the Food Patrol knows, it's that ants and tortillas don't mix.

"Is the problem with the ants over?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked about the September 20th inspection.

"No," a worker responded.

"You still have them?" Ryan asked with a puzzled look.

"Yes," she said.

The shocking truth isn't hard to find either.

Ants are seen eating crumbs on the floor.

They're also under food heating stations, along equipment and even in a vegetable bin.

A trail of ants is also along the wall.

The unidentified worker says she put out powder to get rid of them but the ants keep coming back.

"Why didn't you call an exterminator?" Ryan asked.

"I'm just an employee here and the owners of building need to do that," she answered in Spanish. "The problem with the ants is that they come in when it's hot outside."

Don Julio's Bakery on Mile 11 and FM 1015 located north of Weslaco isn't keeping it clean.

The business is busted by an inspector with small roaches on the floor!

There's also no soap or towels for proper sanitation.

An inspector note on the health report also indicates how the baking area needs cleaning.

The Food Patrol tries to address some of the 20 demerits on a September 20th inspection with the owner but she did not want to be on Food 4 Thought.

Lopez Food Store #2 on 1800 East Van Buren Street in Brownsville is the dirtiest this week with 35 demerits on a September 25th inspection.

The report lists multiple violations in the store.

But the inspector photos really show the dirty details.

Pictures document a cross-contamination violation with marinated chicken in boxes.

They show meat cut on filthy equipment.

Flies are also seen along with other signs of unsanitary conditions.

The Food Patrol could not reach management for a comment Wednesday evening.

This week's featured top performer with a zero demerit health inspection report is Hayashi on 5600 North 10th Street in McAllen.

The Japanese restaurant proudly displays their health report score by the entryway.

There's also a top performer sticker from earlier this year on a door.

Eddie Ayar and the crew help put up their latest sticker achievement on the door from the Food Patrol.

"It shows that we work hard," he said about the stickers. "People see what we do to keep this place clean all the time and having the best service around."

You know what the Food Patrol says--"Keep it clean!"

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Near WeslacoDon Julio TMs Bakery Mile 11 & FM 1015 (20) *Small Roaches, Dirty Baking Area*Diana TMs Tortilleria 5804 FM 1015 (21) *Excessive Ants, Foods not Covered*

BrownsvilleLopez Food #2 1800 E Van Buren (35) *Cross-Contaminated Chicken, Dirty Meat Cutting Station*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

McAllenHayashi 5600 N 10th

San JuanDairy Queen 800 W Exp

San Isidro1017 Caf 5184 FM 1017

HarlingenDairy Queen 1613 S 77Luby TMs 822 Dixieland Rd