Appliance rebate program has specific guidelines

It's the season of giving, but you can also take a little for yourself especially if it involves conserving energy.

Danella Hughes with Magic Valley Electric Coop says, "It TMs real important that not just Magic Valley customers, but everyone else conserve energy. During the holidays we all have the lights and Christmas trees and we like to turn on the heater."

Hughes encourages everyone to be smart when you celebrate and save yourselves some dough by keeping the power usage at a minimum.

You can also take advantage of the state's Energy Star rebate program which is just days away.

On December 20th, you can purchase an Energy Star appliance like a select few at Conn's in Harlingen and apply for a rebate.

A freezer, for example, will cost you $600 and change, but will save you during the year when it comes to energy costs and will get you an instant rebate.

Conn TMs Manager Jaime Calzada says if you apply in time and qualify for the rebate on the freezer, you TMll get $100 back from the government.

$175 if you purchase an energy efficient refrigerator.

Beware; the rebate program is not for all buyers.

Calzada says, "Businesses don't qualify and new homes. It will be only for replacing a product and not for new homes."

That means you have to be able to give up your current appliance to get the new energy efficient one with a government rebate.

Hughes with Magic Valley Electric Coop says it TMs a good deal, "You will not only be saving electricity, but you'll also be saving money because once you turn in the old washer and dryer, the state will refund you the money allotted for a new washer and dryer."

Recycling old appliances, getting a rebate in the mail, and conserving energy to save you money in the long run could be a win-win, but the rebates will be awarded on a first-come first-serve basis, so shop smart, but quick to get the best bang for your buck.

Link to website for more information on rebate.