Aquatic center to help save students TM lives with swimming safety

Harlingen school district Superintendent Art Cavazos

The Harlingen school district is looking to save some lives, and they'll be using the new multi-million dollar aquatic center to make it happen.

The nearly $9 million aquatic center will be ready by November first.

That's when HCISD will launch its Seal program which is a two week course teaching second graders how to swim.

1,200 second grade students from 17 elementary schools will be bused from their campus to the new aquatic center for the swimming lessons.

The district has hired an aquatics coordinator who TMs developed the two-week program including classroom instruction on swimming basics and safety as well as time in the water.

Superintendent Art Cavazos says with so many bodies of water throughout the community, district officials are hoping that by at least teaching kids the basics; they can hopefully save some lives.

"We are incurring a little more cost in bussing the students, however we are recovering some cost because we now we have our own aquatic center so we're bringing the program back to our school system and so we are incurring some cost but it's an investment we believe is crucial for our elementary students."

The aquatic center is located next to the football stadium on 77 Sunshine Strip.

It will feature lap, dive and therapy pools for students.

The state-of-the-art center will also be open for wellness programs for the 3,000 HCISD employees.

Students will attend seal classes during their PE times and school campuses will not overlap.

Superintendent Cavazos says they're also hoping to offer summer classes for these young students.