Argument turns violent in Brownsville, One Dead

For some families that live at the Courtyard Condominiums in Brownsville, the site of police rushing in was not as scary as most people might think; nor was the sight of a body laying a few feet away. A young man was sitting outside with his friends taking video of the scene that was unfolding before his eyes. "So this happened and you guys are just relaxing out here, the guy's body is laying over there...why you thought I would be scared, hiding or something (laughs)," said Anonymous. Just on the other side of the parking lot, a mother of two girls tells Action 4 News she was sleeping when her daughters woke her up, they were in their rooms when they heard the gunshots. "I was scared, I told my sister you know what that was right? I told her it was a gunshot, said Kaelyn Rock. Fire trucks, an ambulance, and police surrounded the area. Neighbors say a dispute was to blame for the shooting. It started in the parking lot between the victim and the suspect. "He said open it open it so he could get in and he did and got in and drove off really fast," said Kaelyn Rock. Minutes later a man was lying on the floor---dead. Curiosity got the best of that mother of two. She and her daughters went outside and witnessed the young man lying in a pool of blood. Surprisingly--it didn't startle them. "Death is a part of life," said Anonymous. While death might be part of life, this death hit too close to some, who are already packing up their bags and moving out. This case is still under investigation if anyone has any information they can call Brownsville crime stoppers at 546-8477.