Armando Villalobos a 'No Show' at hearing to remove him from office

A hearing for the petition started early Friday afternoon before visiting Judge Manuel Banales in the 444th State District Court.

Trinidad Salinas, a 67-year-old from Harlingen, is standing up against the Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos.

Everybody is scared " everybody is scared to (speak out), Trinidad said. But I TMm not scared. Why should I be?

Salinas filed a petition to have Villalobos removed as district attorney and the attorney representing him is former Willacy County District Attorney, and current opponent against Villalobos for congressman, Juan Angel Guerra.

Salinas said no one asked him or forced him to file the petition.

The duo appeared at the hearing before visiting Judge Manuel Banales of Corpus Christi, claiming Salinas was witness to corruption within the DA's office, warranting Villalobos's removal.

Villalobos was not in court, but his attorneys argued that the DA had not received a courtesy copy of the petition, that there is no jurisdiction to enter a citation, and that the petition for his removal is deficient.

Guerra said that was all smoke and mirrors

It's just rambling with words and trying to confuse the whole idea of what the purpose of this hearing is, Guerra said.

There was much confusion over whether Salinas petitioned to have Villalobos stripped solely of his district attorney title or as county attorney since he serves as both.

The judge can remove him as a district attorney and he can continue as a county attorney, Guerra said. We're not trying to remove him as county attorney, we're just trying to remove him of the power of district attorney.

No decision was made by the judge who rescheduled the hearing for May 30th. At that time, Guerra and his client must specify what wrongdoing they are claiming the district attorney has committed, and what qualifies Salinas to ask for the district attorney TMs removal.

If that can't be done, the judge said, the petition to have Villalobos removed from office will be dismissed.

Guerra hopes the delay of this hearing will help his client TMs case and will encourage more citizens to come forth demanding change and transparency.