Armed men seen unloading marijuana at Edinburg home

Authorities shut down part of an Edinburg neighborhood after receiving information about armed men inside a house.

An anonymous caller told police that there were several armed men unloading marijuana from a truck parked at a home on Rhonda Street on the city's southside.

Edinburg police said the odor of marijuana was apparent when officers got there.

Investigators immediately called in K-9 officers, who quickly picked up on the scent from the home and a Chevy pickup in the driveway.

Police said they tried several times to get, whoever was inside the home to open the door but no one ever answered.

The Edinburg SWAT team filed out of their white vehicle and headed inside the house about an hour later.

After 10 minutes the officers filed back out with no suspects and no drugs.

Edinburg Police Lt. Oscar Trevio said there were signs that marijuana was in that white pick up at one time or another.

Police found wrappings, string, and a small amount of residue inside the truck.

Lt. Trevio said police spoke to the homeowner, who is cooperating with police.