Arrest made in Japanese sword attack that left man's arm severed

On the day of Michael Hernandez's third surgery to repair his arm, which was sliced through the bone in an alleged sword attack last week, the prime suspect is booked into a Cameron County jail.

"If you could say one thing to Marcus Villarreal, what would you say to him?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked to Courtney Noriega, Hernandez's wife.

"I hope he enjoys life behind bars because that's what he gets for throwing his whole life away for doing something dumb like this," she answered.

La Feria Police arrested Marcus Villarreal without incident in Primera over the weekend.

"He came willingly and he confessed to the assault," Chief Don Garcia said.

The 20-year-old is accused of using a Japanese sword to exact revenge against Hernandez in a long-standing feud between families.

Hernandez admits he spent time behind bars several years ago for assaulting Villarreal.

He never thought it would lead to this.

Hernandez's wife Courtney believes Villarreal wanted him dead.

"Even as my husband was running away he was still swinging at him and got him on his back also," she said. "So he wasn't just trying to hurt him. He wanted to kill him."

Chief Garcia knows there's history between the two and believes more arrests will result from the ongoing investigation.

"There is more issues involved here, which led to a 2x4 and then led to the sword," he said.

Hernandez's wife denies the allegations reportedly brought against him by Villarreal and his family.

"They have 3 different stories," she said. "There's a story of a knife. There's a story that my husband stole a gun. There's a story that my husband was having an affair with his sister and that's why he went to confront her and how this all started. It's ridiculous."

And while police separate fact from fiction, Hernandez, a father of two, knows life will never be the same.

He is expected to be released from the hospital by mid-week.

Therapy could last the rest of his lifetime without ever regaining full function of his left arm.

Villarreal is facing a charge of aggravated assault with deadly weapon.

He TMs expected to be arraignment Tuesday morning.

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