Arrests expected in Santa Rosa basketball brawl

Viewer video taken moments before a brawl errupted at the game

Arrests are expected to come as soon as Friday for people involved in a brawl that broke out Monday night during a Santa Rosa versus Santa Maria middle school basketball game.

Police in Santa Rosa are sorting through video to find out exactly who took part in the fight.

Santa Rosa police chief Xavier Martinez tells us following a story about the incident.

Action 4 News first reported about the basketball brawl on Tuesday night where both Santa Maria and Santa Rosa parents spoke out.

A citizen came forth with video of the entire incident.

Martinez said the new video that they are now working with shows "from point a to z" and is proving that many statements they picked-up from witnesses and those allegedly involved are inconsistent with one another.

The chief said they had extra security at the varsity boys basketball game last night for precaution.

He will be meeting with Santa Rosa ISD superintendent in the next few days to discuss what safety measures need to be taken to ensure this does not happen again.

He doesn't discredit the possibility of banning those involved from future sporting events.

He adds that in 12 years as chief, he has never seen an incident at a sporting event get so out of hand as this one.

Chief Martinez said those believed to have taken part could be facing multiple charges such as disorderly conduct, disrupting an assembly and assault.