Arrests made In Donna murder investigation

A cold calculated murder and Hidalgo County Sheriff's deputies say it was all planned.

Action 4 news digs deeper into the case that left a 38 year old man dead at Donna Lake.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino tells Action 4 news, "This is not a crime passion this was a premeditated planned very savage murder."

A savage murder, that's how Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio describes how Jose Guadalupe Fiscal died.

His body found over the weekend partially burned at Donna Lake.

Sheriff Trevino says, "He received severe head trauma, broken nose, broken jaw, severe blows to the back of the head to include one major stab wound."

Sheriff Trevino says, Fiscal was stabbed over 50 times.

The people at the center of the murder are Fiscal's girlfriend Guadalupe De Leon Acuna, Acuna's son Antonio Rodriguez De Leon and Acuna's brother in law Juan Manuel Salazar.

Handcuffed and wearing orange jumpsuits the three appeared before a judge accused of killing Fiscal.

The motive?

Investigators say a domestic dispute involving Fiscal's girlfriend.

Sheriff Trevio tells Action 4 News, "Girlfriend did not want the victim to leave her, he had already packed his stuff and moved out of the apartment."

Investigators say Acuna did not want Fiscal with anyone else.

Sheriff Trevio says, it was a case of, "If I can't have you nobody else can and this is what makes this case very unusual."

Investigators say Acuna allegedly led Fiscal to Donna Lake to talk about the split, instead Acuna's son and brother in law lured Fiscal out of the vehicle, and Guadalupe followed.

Trevio says, "She gets out all at the same time and they literally beat him and stab him to death".

A fourth suspect Esekiel Gamez has also been arrested, accused of tampering with evidence, investigators say Gamez, cleaned up the vehicle used in the crime.

Investigators say Guadalupe De Leon Acuna and her son Antonio Rodriguez De Leon have confessed to the murder, meanwhile the brother in law Juan Manuel Salazar is keeping quiet.

Investigators are still searching for the knife used to kill Fiscal along with his clothing and a can of kerosene used to douse the victim.

Investigators believe the items were placed in a plastic bag and thrown in a canal.

In order to help search for the items a Texas Department of Public Safety Dive Team has been called to assist.

They are expected to begin searching Thursday morning.