Artificial reefs to boost Port Mansfield economy

Contractors are working overtime to enlarge an artificial reef in the gulf to quench the growing appetite for recreational fishing in south Texas.

I do know that these pipes will start growing bacteria, and algae and all other things, the smaller fish will attracted to it and then in return the fish we catch, come to eat them, said CCA President Matt Klostermann.

They are hoping to attract fish such as the prized red snapper.

The project, named Habitat Today For Fish Tomorrow, was created two years ago by the Coastal Conservation Association and the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Similar to the sinking of a World War II ship near South Padre Island, the CCA plans to drop 4,000 concrete culverts in a designated 160-acre reefing site.

"We hope that if we can attract the fish that we will also attract business for the local community here in Port Mansfield, said Klostermann.

The more than 500 thousand dollar project is expected to be completed in three weeks.

CCA Texas is a nonprofit organization of recreational anglers and coastal outdoor enthusiasts.

The artificial reef project is funded by CCA fundraisers in partnership with the Texas Parks and Wildlife and Alamo concrete.