'Aryan' auto theft ring dismantled

Brownsville police said the fish landed in the boat when they broke up an international auto theft ring.

Four alleged members of a white supremacist prison gang are behind bars after officers learned they were selling stolen trucks in Matamoros.

We lucked out that they didn't keep a low profile, Brownsville Police Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique told Action 4 News.

Sgt. Manrrique said the four Aryan gang members arrested at the Motel 6 off Central Boulevard and FM 802 in Brownsville.

Manrrique said it all started when police were called out around 2 a.m. Sunday for a attempted theft of a Ford F-150.

"They broke into the truck and stole several documents including a pistol that was in the pickup truck, Manrrique said.

When police surveillance the area they noticed four other Ford pickup trucks.

All of them with damage to the key holes and ignition. An officer ran the license plates and learned that they were stolen from the San Antonio and Corpus Christi area.

While the trucks were being impounded a man came out to inquire about the trucks. That's what police called a big mistake.

"That peaked the interest of the investigators, which lead to the gentlemen's detainment and in that they found which room he was staying in, Manrrique said.

Officers went up to his room and found three other men who were all arrested.

"They were in possession of handguns," Manrrique said. "They were in possession of criminal instruments which they used to key the vehicles with."

Police identified the suspects as:

  • Alan Dobbins, 28
  • Cary Lyn Cotton, 24
  • Christopher Cornwell, 34
  • David Parker, 25

All of them are facing felony theft and organized crime charges. Manrrique told Action 4 News they are believed to be members of a prison gang and that they were caught just in time.

"They were going to sell the vehicles to an organized criminal organization in Matamoros, he said.

Manrrique added that these men mostly targeted older Ford pick-up trucks because they're easier to steal and they sell at a high price.