Athletic trainer saves man's life using an AED

It is something Garr Aguirre said he will never leave the field house without.

An athletic trainer at La Grulla High School, Aguirre said the tiny machine is no bigger than a lunch box and saved a man TMs life over the weekend.

"We know there are over 300,000 cardiac arrest throughout the U.S. and 95 percent of those sudden cardiac arrest don't live," Aguirre said.

The incident, Aguirre said, happened in the La Grulla High School Gym during a basketball game.

Aguirre said one of the officials went down and by the time he got over to him---the official was already in cardiac arrest.

"I motioned to have my AED brought to me, Aguirre said.

We carry it where ever we go---our emergency plan was put into place."

With help from others-- Arguirre was able to hook the man up to the Automated External Defibrillator and get his heart pumping again.

"We roughly did it for about 10 minutes. He came through on the third or fourth cycle of CPR," Aguirre said.

Ironically, the Rio Grande City Consolidated Independent School District bought the AED Aguirre used to save the man TMs life back in August.

"With all the budget cuts across the board the school board still provided us with 5 AED's and they run about $1,700 dollars Aguirre said.

One of those AED's they approved actually saved this man's life."

While many might consider Aguirre a hero---he does not.

He said he was just doing his job.

Aguirre said Rio Grande City CISD has over 29 AED TMs and they have placed at least one in each school from elementary to high school.