AT&T looks to help the busy traveler

Right now, thousands of people are making their way to their Fourth of July destinations or celebrations. Luckily, technology has made it easier to navigate roads, keep us connected and safer while out of our element. Lisa Marie Gomez with AT&T swings by Sunrise with some great electronics to help with your trips.

AT&T also offers the following safety tips:

Curb the Urge- utilize apps like AT&T DriveMode to curb the urge to read or send a text while driving.

When the app is downloaded/set-up and the vehicle begins moving 25 mph, an auto-reply message will notify inbound texters/emailers and wireless callers that you are behind the wheel and will reply when it is safe.

Pull off the road - if a conversation is emotional, complex or requires note taking/directions

Know When to Dial 911 - only call 911 in the event of a true emergency. Do not call 911 if an emergency vehicle is already at the scene.

Obey the law - use a headset to drive hands-free and keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Take the Pledge- commit to being safe by signing a pledge against texting while driving like the one on {<}{>}.Share the message with friends too.

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