Attempts to lower illegal immigration

A high speed chase ending with dozens of illegal immigrants bailing out is a pretty common scene for law enforcement across the Valley. "They're crossing them in groups of 20, 40, and even up to 100," said Peitas Chief Oscar Ontiveros.

Ontiveros said it is easy for smugglers to get around, because most of them are from here.

"You can see the trails heading see a lot of them on Military road," said Ontiveros.

Hundreds and hundreds of trails leading to,"Three or four vehicles, suburbans are waiting for them at those pickup points," said Ontiveros.

How do we stop this?

Even though two representatives from Texas have filed a bill similar to the one in Arizona, Representative Aaron Pena told Action 4 news that is not the way to go.

"You won't see that happening here," said Pena.

He said it will take the federal government TMs strong arm to tackle illegal immigration.

"Congress has always just punted around the issue and looked the other way because it's too difficult a question," said Pena.

Pena said before anything is done people need to decide what they really want.

"People have two binds on this issue, we all love the cheap labor," said Pena. "When there is a demand for labor then their needs to be a process or permit where they can come over and work and then go back."

Until the immigration issue is addressed as a country, law enforcement will continue to crack down on those trying to get into the U.S. illegally.