Attorney: Missing children not missing after all

Two children reported missing by their father are said to have not been missing at all.

The Veliz family and Mission police blamed the children's mother, Amanda Alvarez, for keeping the kids from her ex-husband Bobby Veliz.

But sources close to Alvarez say this is not the case, and have a very different story.

"Amanda has had full custody of the children since the two were divorced back in July of 2006. Amanda did not [disappear] with the children," said attorney friend Viola Garza. Alvarez' attorneys claim she's done nothing wrong, and the children were not missing.

Alvarez was even arrested by Mission police for violating the visitation terms on the divorce decree, keeping the children from her ex-husband Bobby Veliz.

However, Viola Garza says this entire case is being blown out of proportion. "They went to arrest Amanda at her house, which is where she was found," said Garza. "They never asked about the children, and the children were there." An informal hearing was held on Friday at the Hidalgo County Courthouse with a panel of attorneys and a judge about this case.

A case that has caught 10-year-old Brandon and 6-year-old Ami in the middle.

The meeting resulted in determining that the children were to be released to the Veliz family on Friday evening.

"We had an informal discussion with the judge, where the judge was trying to facilitate the transfer of the children to the father. I think we were successful," said Bobby Veliz' attorney Ricardo Salinas.

Viola Garza says Amanda Alvarez can only wait until the charges against her are actually served.

And if they are files, Garza says Alvarez will maintain her innocence. "She is here and she fully intends to fight the charges that were filed against her," said Garza.

According to the Veliz family, the children flew up to Wisconsin with their grandfather on Sunday night.

They were scheduled to arrive at around 11:15 pm, and will spend the remainder of the summer with their father.