Attorney Oscar De La Fuente speaks without reserve during former DA's trial

Armando Villalobos

On day three of the federal case against former District Attorney (DA) Armando Villalobos, attorney Oscar De La Fuente gave damaging testimony.

De la Fuente claimed he had a special relationship with Villalobos that allowed him to get deals for his clients.

He spoke without reservation on the stand and said he and Villalobos would meet privately in his office to make deals.

Prosecutors had all day to make their case with De la Fuente on the stand.

This afternoon, they presented case after case in which De la Fuente told jurors he went to Villalobos in order to obtain better deals for his clients resulting in financial kickbacks for themselves.

De La Fuente claimed a deal was made on a case where a man was accused of stabbing his wife's arm and breaking her nose.

De La Fuente said Villalobos then dropped the felony charge to misdemeanors after striking a deal with the former DA.

There were several aggravated assault cases that De La Fuente said Villalobos worked out for him favorably.

Cases they worked out deals on include a felony DWI case, a deadly conduct case among various others.

Prosecutors are attempting to depict that Villalobos let criminals walk because of the dirty deals he made with the attorney.

After each case was presented, prosecutors asked De La Fuente why he was able to get favorable rulings for his clients.

De la Fuente TMs response was that he was giving money or kickbacks to Villalobos over the years.

The kickbacks resulted in De La Fuente being able to have access to Villalobos, which permitted him to work out deals that benefitted his clients and himself.

Tomorrow, defense attorney Joel Androphy will have his opportunity to cross examine De La Fuente.

De La Fuente's federal license was suspended for three years, and he will not be prosecuted in this case because of the information he is providing in court.