ATV accident victim showing signs of strength

It's a bittersweet moment for the Ortega family.

It's hard for them to see their athlete daughter in a hospital bed but they're happy she is overcoming what the doctor call a miracle.

Jose Guadalupe Ortega said with a smile on his face that his daughter is doing much better.

"She is drinking liquids, sitting down, fighting she still can TMt talk because her throat hurts, but she is coming along, thanks to god hopefully in a couple of days she will be able to talk to us" said Jose Guadalupe Ortega.

Action 4 was able to visit with Mireya Ortega the teen that's in critical condition after riding an atv with her friends last week, today she showed signs of improvement she was acting like a typical teen.

Stubborn with her mom. Although she didn TMt want her to leave her side.

Her mother said that today, she finally saw her daughter as she used to be. Other days at the hospital she looked weak and today, she was the strong outspoken girl that she sees daily. Everyone remains faithful.

"First of all thank you to god for my daughter recuperating and that everything is going good" said Jose Guadalupe Ortega.

Her improvements are significant her mother tells us.. It was an outspoken Mireya that we saw today.

She was moving her arms and almost sat up by herself. Even sipping on Gatorade. Along the waiting room wall signs of support await her. Her family says that they never imagined all the support from everyone.

"Be cautious with what the kids do, you can see with what happened, I hope it can e a learning experience, because it's very sad" said Jose Guadalupe Ortega.

The family thanks the community and family they continues to remain faithful that her daughter will recuperate.

The Ortega family believe that in a couple of days she will be talking and will be transferred out of intensive care.