Authorities bust Matamoros kidnapping ring

Seven members of an alleged kidnapping ring are behind bars after authorities rescued eight of their alleged victims in Matamoros.

The Mexican Navy reported that seven men and one woman were rescued from a Matamoros stash house on Friday.

Authorities told Action 4 News that the eight alleged victims were being held at the house for ransom.

Investigators did not release the location of the stash house but also reported finding 8.37 pounds of marijuana and an assault rifle there.

The Mexican Navy reported that the following seven suspects were arrested in the case:

  • Bernardino Hinojosa-Gaitn (aka El Gordo)
  • Salvador Martnez-Olvera (aka El Chava)
  • Carlos Arondo Prez-Monzn (aka El Carlos)
  • Eduardo Rocha-Prez (aka El Lalo)
  • Juan Antonio Banda-Palomo (aka El Greas)
  • Jorge Prez-Muoz (aka Lagrimas)
  • Flix Prez-Gonzlez (aka El Chino)

Mexican Navy officials identified Prez-Muoz as the ring leader of the group.

Prez-Muoz and the other six were transferred to Mexico City where they will be facing federal charges.

Mexican Navy officials reported that they learned about the group's activities after rescuing another group of kidnapping victims earlier this month.

Authorities reported that 17 kidnapping victims were rescued while one person was arrested during the May 3rd incident.