Authorities find alligator during drug bust outside Houston

Alligator found during drug bust outside Houston // KHOU Photo

A drug bust at a Houston-area house has yielded some exotic creatures such as a 6-foot alligator that apparently liked to snooze inside on a couch.

Montgomery County authorities acted on a tip Tuesday afternoon and found the gator and about a dozen snakes -- including a boa constrictor.

The homeowner in Splendora, about 30 miles northeast of Houston, was detained on a marijuana possession charge.

Investigators believe the 100-pound alligator and the other reptiles were pets and likely helped guard the property.

Constable Deputy R. Hayden says the alligator was freely walking inside the home.

Officers contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel to help confiscate and remove the animals, including putting tape around the alligator's snout.

The gator was trucked to a nearby swamp and released.