Authorities: Gulf Cartel leader captured in Reynosa

Mexican authorities have confirmed that a Gulf Cartel leader, who was ranked as one of their most wanted, has been captured south of the border in Reynosa.

Monte Alejandro Rubido with Mexico's National Security Commission confirmed the arrest during a Friday morning press conference.

The El Universal newspaper reported that Gulf Cartel leader Eleno Salazar-Flores was captured in Reynosa on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, Salazar-Flores is facing organized crime charges for drug trafficking, human smuggling, weapons trafficking and other illegal activities.

El Universal reported that soldiers, marines, federal police and agents arrested Salazar-Flores and another man after receiving an anonymous tip about his whereabouts.

Salazar-Flores was listed as one of the most wanted men in the State of Tamaulipas where he and six other "high priority" criminal leaders have been captured over the past two months.