Authorities shut down two unlicensed dental clinics in Mission

Unlicensed dental office off North Villsage Square in Mission // Texas Attorney General's Office Photo

Authorities have shut down two unlicensed dental offices being run for low-income clients out of two homes in Mission.

The Texas Attorney General's Office reported that both Edelmiro Alcocer and Jesus Garcia have been charged with unlawfully practicing dentistry.

According to court filings, the two filled cavities, put in crowns, made dentures and even did braces for cash.

Alcocer allegedly ran a dental clinic out of his home off North Glasscock Avenue while Garcia ran a clinic out of his home off of Village Square.

It's not clear how many patients the two men had but Texas Attorney General's Office officials reported that they treated low-income clients.

The Texas Attorney General's Office asked a state district court judge for an injunction against both men from further practicing dentistry out of their homes.

A judge granted that injunction on Wednesday and ordered a notice be posted outside both homes.

It's not clear if Alcocer or Garcia had any formal training in dentistry in Mexico or the United States but the Texas Attorney General's Office reproted that they are not licensed dentists in Texas.