Authorities speak about the dangers of sexting

RGV Purge, RGV Exxxposed, and RGVPURGEOFFICIALPAGE are just three Instagram accounts circling around the valley with explicit pictures

RGV Purge, RGV Exxxposed, and RGVPURGEOFFICIALPAGE are just three Instagram accounts circling around the valley with explicit pictures but more are out there.

Instagram closes the account once reported.

However, it just takes a minute for a viewer to save a picture someone sent to them or saw online and share it with others.

"When you send an image to somebody, it TMs no longer private, Sgt. Dave Osborne with Harlingen Police said. It TMs now on the internet, it can be transmitted and who knows who can see that and replicate that image. It TMs out there forever, it TMs almost impossible to pull those images out of the internet."

Sgt. Osborne said detectives constantly see new sexting cases.

It's a betrayal of trust where some victims are as young as 13-years-old.

"People feel that TMs safer because maybe it can't be monitored but the truth of the matter it can be monitored and if someone receives an image of a child that is underage naked that is possession of child pornography," Osborne said.

Not only can you be charged if you are an adult or a minor but Michelle Lee with the FBI said that the embarrassment caused by naked pictures going viral has resulted in fatal consequences.

"Children have committed suicide, they've been where they feel like they could never face the public again, Lee said. Its caused very significant consequences in their lives."

Lee says sexual predators routinely seek young people who post sexually provocative photos/video.

These predators can take these photographs and once the child releases them to anyone else, they lose control of them, Lee said. They can be posted throughout the Internet one these websites and chatrooms.

Action 4 News spoke with community members about what they thought about sexting, the response was unanimous.

Sexting is bad and it TMs gross, Alyssa Veloz said. Inappropriate and wrong.

16-year-old Cristopher Gavazos said that he knows people who do that because they see it as a game.

I tell them I will never do that, I don TMt see the point, Gavazos said.

Annie Macbeth is a mother of five, her two eldest sons have cell phones.

Macbeth said that she constantly monitors their cell phone use and educates them about the repercussions sexting can have.

There is no way to get rid of it, Macbeth said. Once it TMs on the internet, it TMs still going to find you somewhere down the road. So be careful.

Now both Harlingen police and the FBI want parents to monitor their children's cell phone use and talk to them about sexting.

If you have been a victim or you know people who are sharing these picture, contact your local law enforcement or the FBI.