Authorities stop "mini-drug convoy" near La Havana

Marijuana seized from mini-drug convoy in La Havana // HIDTA Photo

Three people are behind bars after authorities stopped a mini-convoy of vehicles working to smuggle several hundred pounds of marijuana.

Investigators with the Hidalgo County HIDTA Task Force reported that it all happened off Expressway 83 near rural community of La Havana.

Task force officers were in the area when the allegedly spotted a PT Cruiser and a GM Yukon suspiciously traveling in tandem.

Authorities stopped both cars and found 16 bundles with 366 pounds of marijuana inside the PT Cruiser.

Investigators believe the driver and passenger in the Yukon were working together with the driver of the Yukon.

Jail records show that the three people are facing felony possession of marijuana charges:

Sarah Garza, 23 Leandro James Rodriguez, 25 Jorge Garza, 25

The three are expected to be arraigned early Thursday afternoon.