Autopsy refutes shooting victim's pregnancy claims

Pregnancy is considered one of the most beautiful times of their lives for many women.

According to family and neighbors, such was the case for 21-year-old Mayra Oyervides of Harlingen.

They tell Action 4 News that Oyervides told them she was six months pregnant with a baby girl.

Oyervides even showcased the progression of her baby on her Facebook page.

However, all that joy came to an end Monday night.

Harlingen police said two men walked-up to an apartment complex at the intersection of Wright Avenue and G Street, shooting at Oyervides' nephew Leonel Lee Garcia.

According to court documents, Garcia ran into the second-floor apartment to escape the shots but that TMs when Oyervides was caught in the crossfire and was shot to death. "I feel bad because of the baby, because she told me that she was pregnant, said a neighbor who identified herself as Lydia.

Oyervides' nephews and mother-in-law also told Action 4 News the woman was expecting.

However, autopsy results, reveal that Oyervides was not pregnant. Lydia said she and others puzzled by the news.

"Well maybe she was lying to get her husband together, to stay with her," she said.

Pregnant or not the young woman's death is still tragic, Lydia adds.

She hopes police catch the two suspects soon so she and her family can have peace of mind at her home.

"Like I said, is don TMt go to my property, that's different because I don TMt mess with anybody,so nobody is supposed to mess with me over there, Lydia said.

My (grandchild) saw the lady (dead) on the floor, and it was two or three in the morning and he was crying saying, ~they killed the lady, they killed the lady. TM"

Harlingen police arrested Dorothy Lee Sanchez in connection to the murder.

They said she drove the suspects to and from the area.

The suspects, described as heavy-set Hispanic men, are still at large.

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