Baby Adam Noah's Father Seeks Justice

Adam Lee Bravo's first trip to the Rio Grande Valley was a somber one. Unfortunately, he left his home in Deming, New Mexico to come to Harlingen to claim the body of his 11-month-old son Adam Noah Bravo. Authorities said the baby was beaten to death Friday at the hands of his own mother and Adam TMs wife of about 6 years, Barbara Bravo. The 27-year-old grieving father said this is the tragic end of an ordeal that began back in February, when his wife moved to Harlingen after meeting 29-year-old Jesus Gonzalez on the web site

"That's when my world totally fell apart and I already knew it for sure that she was up here with another guy, Adam Bravo said. And that didn't get me, it was just my kids."

But he adds that what came as an even bigger shock, was the call Friday from Child Protective Services, asking him to come to Texas because his child was in the hospital fighting for his life. The baby boy did not survive.

The grieving father said his wife has a bad temper, but he did not expect her to come to this.

"She never handled the kids to discipline them - that was one of the reasons why I would do it - because I wouldn't want her to discipline them more than what they needed," he said.

Adam Bravo said Barbara Bravo left New Mexico with his children without consideration, and without warning.

He said she needs to be held responsible for baby Adam Noah TMs death, and if found guilty, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

"It's unimaginable, he said. This has been a nightmare for me ever since the beginning, you know, that was my only son."

Adam Noah Bravo will be buried in New Mexico, where most of his family lives.