Baby ejected from car during accident in Peitas

A sock was left at the scene of a rollover accident where a baby was ejected from a truck.

An infant ejected from a vehicle Tuesday morning is said to be doing fine.

The accident happened near Showers Road just off of Expressway 83 in Penitas.

Police told Action 4 News the accident is still under investigation, but that a 7-day old baby boy was ejected.

They said the baby TMs car seat was still securely fastened in the rolled over Ford F-150"that lead them to believe that the new mother might have been holding her baby at the time of the accident.

"I've seen a lot of accidents when people are holding the kids in their arms when they're traveling...they're the ones that actually suffer the most," Penitas Police Chief Roel Bermea said.

Investigators said the baby was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be released after a few more test are conducted on the tiny infant.

Chief Bermea said parents need to realize that securing a child in a car seat, no matter the circumstance, could mean the difference between life and death.