Baby roaches in restaurant rice, rodent droppings in bakery

Roaches turn up in the rice at a restaurant inside Transmigrantes Aguila in Los Indios

Roaches turn up in the rice at a restaurant inside Transmigrantes Aguila on 1018 West Highway 281 in Los Indios.

Inspector photos document filthy conditions in the bathroom and kitchen.

Roaches are found in the storage area.

Other violations include no hairnets and no soap or paper towels for proper sanitation.

The Food Patrol wants to know what went wrong.

"Why were there roaches in the rice," Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked. "Obviously that's something that we don't want to hear."

Management wouldn't elaborate what's been done to treat the insect contamination but a worker did show a re-inspection with 4 demerits.

"We already cleaned it up and took care of it and there's nothing else going anymore," the unidentified woman said. "No more roaches in the rice or anything like that."

Roaches also turn up at Panaderia Capristan on 3324 Southmost Road in Brownsville where there are 31 demerits.

The bakery remains shutdown after failing the health inspection.

Evidence of rodents is documented with photos obtained by the Food Patrol.

There are rodent droppings circled on the pictures.

A majority of the violations stem from old, rusty equipment which includes baking mixers and pans.

Los Mismos #3 on 408 South Sam Houston in San Benito fails its initial health inspection with 45 demerits.

A kitchen cop finds uncovered foods, a cross-contamination of raw and cooked foods, inadequate hand washing, dirty equipment and off-temperature food including salsa, beans and carne guisada.

The Food Patrol is told management isn't around.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf asks to speak to management over the phone.

"We wanted to know what happened?" he asked. "Why were there so many demerits?"

But no direct answers are given into why so many demerits turned up.

Los Mismos scores 7 demerits on a re-inspection.

Taqueria Siberia on 2501 Paredes Line Road in Brownsville is this week's featured top performer with zero demerits.

It's the restaurant 4th sticker from the Food Patrol over the years for clean.

Manager Carla Silva says her staff takes great pride with ensuring health rules are followed at all times.

"You've already got 3 stickers on the door," Ryan said. "You're obviously doing something right. What is the secret?"

"Just keep everything under control and keep everything clean and the way it's supposed to be," Carla said.

You know what the Food Patrol says to that--"Keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Los IndiosRestaurant Aguila 1018 W Hwy 281 (25, 4) *Roaches in Rice, No Soap/Towels*

BrownsvillePanaderia Capristan 3324 Southmost (31) *Shutdown, Rodent Droppings/Roaches*

San BenitoLos Mismos #3 408 S Sam Houston (45) *Off Temp. Foods, Dirty Equipment*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

BrownsvilleTaqueria Siberia 2501 Paredes LineRocka TMs Sushi Express 2395 University

PharrPizza Hut 1001 W Bus 83Villa Del Mar 6400 S CageBurger King 400 N Jackson

ProgresoJr TMs Caf 1102 Bus 1015

HarlingenCinemark 401 S Exp 83McDonald TMs 2020 S 77Burger King 1902 S 77