Bail bondsman, attorneys helping spring breakers get out of jail

What college student doesn't enjoy free stuff like t-shirts and bracelets?

On South Padre Island students were getting these things to help them get out of jail during Spring Break.

Thousands of college students are expected to turn out on the beaches of South Padre Island during Texas Week to enjoy the sunny beaches, fun friends and cold beers - but with such large crowds, there's bound to be trouble.

That's why this year bail bonds companies and attorney's are making sure college kids will remember their name and more importantly call their number if they end up booked in jail.

Eduardo Montes of Bad Bing Bail Bonds said they made dozens of shirts with their logo and phone number to distribute to students.

"That's the only style of advertisement we decided to do," Montes said. "They all want their t-shirt - it's catchy."

Attorney Janet Stockard is handing out koozies and bracelets in case Spring Breakers need to give her a call.

"The kids love it," Stockard said.

Stockard said the strategy is working, yet still part of her wishes she weren't getting so many kids out of jail.

"There are a lot of cases that may not have been such a need - they could've just seen that they got back to their hotel, they were with friends, they weren't doing anything that was hurting anyone, so I think we should do a better job of looking out after the kids rather than trying to punish the kids," Stockard said.