Band equipment worth $15K stolen from 'secure' facility

The surf rock sounds of the band El Jefe and the Riffs have been silenced by thieves.

"My heart just sank," drummer Lucas Lumbreras said.

"I was distraught... Just mixed emotions."

For the last 9 months...

The Storage Depot off Rangerville Road in Harlingen is where the band has stored their equipment.

Last Wednesday Lucas noticed everything was gone.

"Nothing... Completely empty," he said.

High-end guitars, microphones, speakers, cables, keyboards and a drum set Lucas has had since he was 13 years old were stolen.

The Army veteran says he saved up money he earned from 2 tours in Iraq to purchase about 15,000 worth of equipment for the band.

He thought a quadruple secured facility would protect his investment.

The Storage Depot has a gated entry, combination lock doors, security cameras and there was a lock on Lucas' climate controlled indoor storage unit that came with a price tag of $124 a month.

His lock was broken into and then replaced with a different one.

Lucas believes it was an attempt to add insult to injury.

"Boggles my mind.

You never would think that this would happen at a secure facility."

Management with Storage Depot claim they are cooperating with Harlingen police.

The unit has been dusted for fingerprints.

El Jeff and the Riffs will lose out on all of their holiday bookings.

"I really don't have the money to replace this stuff," he said.

Lucas fears without storage insurance, the musical wave they've been riding may just end for good.

The Storage Depot would not elaborate on whether or not video surveillance caught anyone in the act.

Lucas believes if those cameras weren't rolling as the facility claims they were, he'll be forced to call this a possible inside job.

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