Bar-goers and friends of murder victim react to deadly shooting

Daniel Avila with his daughter

Two victims in a senseless murder who had just arrived to a popular hangout in McAllen were shot while trying to save a woman's life.

Moments after a fight was caught on camera, an Edinburg man was shot dead outside Gamehaus Gastropub in McAllen early Friday morning.

Benigo Munoz was there when it happened and he said, "within less than a minute we heard a couple of gunshots and everybody at the bar started to duck down."

The shooting stemed from a fight inside the bar that moved outside.

Police said when Daniel Avila and Rene Garcia were apparently walking into the club they noticed a woman being assaulted.

That's when they stopped to help her and shots were fired claiming one of their lives.

Avila is dead, and his friend Garcia is now critically injured and remains hospitalized.

"I was real scared. I don't know if I'm going to come back. I'm just going to stay away from this club for awhile," one bargoer said.

"The consequence of them arriving at that time resulted," McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said.

Avila was engaged and has four children. He also worked at Freedom Fitness in Edinburg.

"Danny Avila was full of life and passion. He cared about the people that he worked with and also the people who came into our facilities," his co-worker Jake Gray said adding that Avila was well-respected and liked by many.

The alleged triggerman, 29-year-old Manuel Sanchez, Jr., has been detained after he tried to flee from the Rio Grande Valley.

He is facing extradition back to McAllen after he was caught at the Falfurias checkpoint and is expected to face charges of murder and attempted murder.

McAllen police confirmed the arrests of Israel Rocha, Christopher Flores and Richard Arispe following the shooting.

Another three suspects have been identified but their names have not been released at this time.