Bass Pro Shops Contract Approved

In a special meeting, packed with anxious Harlingen residents waiting to hear the verdict, Harlingen City Commissioners voted yes - Bass Pro Shops is coming to Harlingen. Harlingen residents broke out in applause.

City commissioners met with the Economic Development Corporation and representatives from Bass Pro Shops to finalize the contract for the estimated $41 million project.

After meeting in executive session and a presentation by EDC Director Bill Martin, Mayor Chris Boswell, EDC President Terry Gray and Bass Pro Shops signed the 20-year lease.

The EDC will sell about $35 million in sales tax revenue bonds to fund the project and the developer will also help fund the project. Mayor Boswell said this project will not be funded through the city TMs general fund and will not raise property taxes.

The mayor also said the return for Harlingen will be growth in business, jobs and tourism - with an estimated 3 million people expected to visit the shop each year.