Bat found at San Benito High School tested positive for rabies

A brown bat removed from a wall at San Benito High school has tested positive for rabies.

The mammal was found last Thursday during the campuses lunch hour. It was removed by San Benito animal control, then euthanized and transported to the Animal Hospital.

From there veterinarian Dr. Allison Tewell-Merritt sent the bat out for testing in Austin, which came back positive.

Superintendent Antonio Limon says no students came in contact with the animal, so there is no reason for parents to be alarmed.

Fliers were also sent home with students and posted along school hallways, informing them about the dangers of rabies.

Dr. Tewell-Merritt says while the threat of rabies is always there, cases are not common in the Valley, but it is important to have your pets vaccinated annually.

If these dogs aren TMt vaccinated and they bite people those people need to seek medical attention, because if they don TMt and let enough time go by, a month or two goes by and those people get the disease, this is deadly, said Dr. Tewell-Merritt.

She adds that if you suspect your pet could be infected with rabies, that you take them into to be tested or quarantined. Usually symptoms are evident in about 10 days.

While city ordinances vary throughout the Valley, Dr. Tewell-Merritt stresses that now, more than ever you should make sure your pet TMs vaccinations are up to date.

To Help the San Benito Animal Hospital is holding several rabies clinics at the following locations:

Location #1: Fire Station 143 S. Reagan Street Tuesday, April 19th, 5pm-6pm

Location #2: Frank Roberts School 450 Biddle Street Thursday, April 21st, 5pm-6pm

Location #3: Sullivan School 900 Elizabeth Street Tuesday, May 10th, 5pm-6pm

Location #4: North Fred Booth School 705 Zaragosa Street Thursday, May 12th, 5pm-6pm

Vaccination fees: Rabies $10.00, City License for San Benito residents only $5.00, Distemper-Parvo combo $20.00, Bordetella $10.00

Cash only, no checks or credit cards.

Click here for a bilingual flyer about how to handle bats