Bayview farm counts losses from 'Winter Blast'

The "Winter Blast" on Friday night took a toll on a Bayview farm, which lost nearly a third of its winter harvest.

With the cold front on its way out, Susanne French and Bud Cooke, owners of Acacia Farms, must now to analyze the damage.

"There wasn't really anything we could do to save the crops even the ones that were covered froze," French said.

From tomatoes to basil, cucumbers, even radishes, some of the most profitable crops, all a total loss.

"During this week, we probably lost between $5-6,000 worth of potential crops, she said. It hurts; it will make a dent on what we usually spend."

But Cooke said they are not the only ones who will be at a loss.

"We have lots of customers that were depending on the fresh produce and we're unable to supply them," he explained.

Now, they must try to salvage the crops that were spared and find replacement plants for the ones that didn't make it.

"We will continue to plant and we'll just hopefully be more prepared and have a little more time for the next freeze," Cooke said.

They are hopeful there will not be a next time, for the sake of their crops, and their income.