BBB gives roofing company F rating

Last week Action 4 shared the story of a McAllen man who paid $18,000 to a roofing company to fix his hail damaged roof only to see the company disappear.

After speaking with a former employee of the company and the Better Business Bureau, Action 4 has learned the company may not be coming back. When 83-year-old Rolando Vallejo endorsed his insurance money to roofing company SC and C Construction he expected the work to be completed in a matter of weeks.Months later Vallejo has tried multiple ways to get his money back or get the job done, finding little hope.

"I shouldn't have trusted them, Vallejo said.

Last week when we sat down with Vallejo he told us after he paid SC and C Construction to fix his roof he never heard back from the man who knocked on his door, Mike Norris.

This week we heard back from Norris.

Turns out, he no longer works for the company.

Norris TM son Stephen Norris, also a former employee of SC and C Construction told Action 4 News they left because the company did not have their finances in order.

In fact SC and C Construction, co-owned by Severo Chavez and his wife Stephanie appears to have close up shop.

When Action 4 stopped by, the office appeared empty and no one answered our phone calls or has responded to the Better Business Bureau.

When Vallejo filed a complaint with the BBB, the bureau forwarded the complaint to the company and they failed to respond.

"Automatically we have zero tolerance on complaints so the company is assigned an F rating due to that unanswered complaint, South Texas BBB president Dolores Salinas said.

The BBB found the company's owners are actually in Phoenix.

For the next three years that company will have an F report when anyone goes to the website or calls our office about that business, unless they offer any resolution to take care of the Vallejo complaint, Salinas said.

Unfortunately there is little the BBB can do.

"We cannot make them do anything, Salinas said. We can only bring the complaint to their attention and ask them to give us their side of the story and offer a resolution and act as a intermediary between the company and the consumer."

Salinas says in the future something like this can be avoided.

"The Better Business Bureau needs to be one of the places you go to check out a company, Salinas said.

Vallejo also filed a police report but after an investigation the McAllen Police Department concluded it's a civil matter to be worked out in the courts.

The BBB has not received any other complaints with SC and C Construction.