BBQ equipment stolen from top competitors, reward offered

Thousands of dollars worth of BBQ equipment was stolen in broad daylight from award winning cook-off competitors.

Javier Sosa and his wife Mary Lou are award winning barbequers.

"I won't even press charges, said Javier. I just want it back."

They have entered their meats and beans in several competitions and they have the trophies to prove they are some of the best.

Getting ready for the RGV Hispanic Heritage Cook Off in Mercedes this weekend they put their trailer in their driveway.

But when they came home from work Thursday it was gone.

We were ready, said Mary Lou. We were just getting everything ready for today and now it TMs gone."

Neighbors said it was stolen by young men who were driving a small blue car.

The Sosa's immediately called police but have yet to find any leads.

The Sosa's have put not only a lot of money, but time into their hobby.

With custom built amenities like burned in bear paws on the mesquite cutting boards, the equipment cannot just be bought at the store.

"We put money to the side, we don't go out to eat so we can put money into this, we sacrifice things we want."

The Sosa TMs are offering a $500 reward for the stolen BBQ trailer.