Beachgoer wants change on access five

Beachgoers on South Padre Island

A toddler is dead after being hit by a car at beach access five Saturday afternoon, and some beachgoers said they want change after hearing about the tragedy.

Authorities are ruling it a tragic accident and do not believe alcohol was involved.

The 2-year-old from Edinburg was in the path of a moving Ford F-150 truck where he was then run over.

The toddler was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center where he later died.

Beachgoer Norberto Mendoza said it was not the first time an incident such as this one has happened.

Mendoza said his nephew was hit when a truck backed up while the toddler was sitting down playing in the sand.

Kids are always darting across where the vehicles drive. Countless times, I TMve heard kids being run over once more my nephew got run over by a vehicle as well.

Luckily, Mendoza TMs nephew survived the incident.

Mendoza said he has asked the county for change, but he has not heard back.

He would prefer if cars parked off the beach and away from where many kids are playing in the sand.

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