Beachgoers "bummed" by closed South Padre Island beaches

Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Humberto Barrera

Cameron County beaches on South Padre Island are closed.

Rising water and strong rip currents have forced Cameron County officials to shut them down to keep everyone safe.

"Pretty bummed that we heard about the beaches," said Lily Delgado who is visiting from Progreso.

She was expecting to enjoy a day at the beach, but found road blocks and warning signs instead.

Cameron county leaders shut down beach access 5 , 6, and Boca Chica beach

"Any potential threat to human life is a big red flag to us so we got to do what we got to do. Sometimes it TMs not popular to close down the beaches, but we can save one life it makes the decision worth it, said Emergency manager Humberto Barrera.

He states it is a matter of public safety. Water levels continue to rise and rip currents are strong.

"The Gulf of Mexico does not discriminate or doesn't know the difference from experienced surfer from an inexperienced person," Barrera said.

Although Delgado was bummed storm Ingrid rained on her weekend plans, she understands safety comes first.

"We went in--stuck my feet in and you can TMt even see. It TMs pretty strong--stay out of the water," said Delgado. She hopes others will do the same.

"I saw a few families out there with little ones. Safety first-don TMt let them go in by themselves if you do decide to get in-It TMs pretty bad. They could go under within seconds-a blink of an eye," said Delgado.

While city beaches on South Padre Island remain open, the county beaches are closed until further notice.