Beat the holiday rush by shopping on CyberMonday

With all the hype of the holiday season, people are rushing to the stores to begin their shopping, but some are looking at the alternative of buying online.

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, but Instead of fighting lines, millions are logging onto their computers to search for the best deals on Cyber Monday.

Mereri Rodriguez and her husband already have their Christmas lists planned out. They will be shopping online for this years latest items.

Electronics, Mereri said. We TMre looking for a big TV this year. Just for us. And of course our family.

Founder and CEO of, Brad Wilson, is a nationally recognized online shopping expert who has several websites featuring the latest coupons from thousands of top retailers.

I personally think CyberMonday is the best day of the year to shop, said Brad. I knock out more of my own Christmas list on that Monday than any other day.

Before people go Cyber shopping, be sure to check out the deals now.

On any given day on, we have something like 10,000 active coupons, said Brad It TMs basically the coupon section of the daily newspaper on steroids.

Brad said his goal is to stretch consumers dollars as far as possible.

He told Action 4 News that he publishes coupons he would only recommend to close friends and family members. He also added that he uses them all the time.

I eat my own cooking, Brad laughed. A lot of the best deals we find are a lot of the same things I was looking intojust litteraly as a consumer myself.

Brad said the choice of going out or staying into shop is based on personal preference.

Brittany Cortez agrees. She believes there TMs nothing like shopping local.

I love shopping, said Brittany. I love shopping just because and when it TMs the holidays it TMs even better.

Brittany looks forward to Black Friday shopping. She said she doesn TMt shop online, but her husband does.

He really doesn TMt trust me with the credit card because I like to spend, said Brittany. I usually just carry cash.

Whichever way you like to shop, just make sure to look out for those holiday deals.