'Beer run' suspect crashes into mailbox

Christina Annette Castillo // Harlingen Police Department

A woman is behind bars after police believe she stole Michelob beer from a convenience store.

Christina Annette Castillo was arrested by Harlingen police on two counts of theft and traffic violations.

Castillo allegedly stole an 18 pack and 12 pack of beer from two different Stripes stores in Harlingen.

The next day, police responded to the 700 block of West Curtis Avenue in Harlingen, where they found a brick mailbox crashed into.

Castillo was identified as the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the mailbox crash.

She was transported to the city jail where detectives questioned her about the two Stripes beer runs.

Castillo was charged with two counts of theft and booked at the city jail.

She was fined $1,132 for the charges.