Benefit cuts put Valley veterans on alert

Congress has passed a budget deal were some retired veterans will no longer get a cost of living pension.

The law will come to effect on Dec. 1, 2015 but the proposed cuts are already causing anger and disappointment amongst veterans.

However, Commander Ricardo Pea, the leader of America's Last Patrol Post 3, tells Action 4 it TMs not as bad as people think.

These cuts will only affect military retirees who served 20 plus years and are under 62 years of age.

They will get their retirement benefits cut by one percent.

"They are not getting their cost of living," Commander Pea said.

Commander Pea said that this money is usually used for groceries and rent.

However, he wants veterans to get informed and find out how much they will lose.

"It TMs not going take thousands of dollars out of your pocket," Commander Pea said.

He acknowledges that these cuts are probably due to the large chunk of federal government's budget that the military takes.

"Because your military had so much expense in the past five years: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and so on they are trying to cut back on their expense now," Commander Pea said.

However, he doesn't believe cutting benefits for those who risked their lives for this nation for 20 years or more should be an option.

Right now, the budget deal is awaiting President Obama's signature.

Commander Pea tells Action 4 that veterans should contact their veteran advisor to find out if these cuts will affect them.