Bert Ogden Volvo dealership grand opening

People applauded and rejoiced at the ribbon cutting celebration of the new Bert Ogden Volvo dealership in Edinburg on Wednesday evening.

Over 200 guests arrived at the event, receiving the new business with open arms.

CEO Robert C. Vacker says that opening these doors will have a positive effect on the valley's economy, even adding up to fifty new jobs.

"These aren't minimum wage jobs either. They are high income jobs, the top 10-15 percent of the income bracket in the valley. So it's great for Edinburg, great for the Rio Grande Valley," said Vacker.

Vacker also states over the past year in the automobile industry, credit has loosened up for Americans nationwide, allowing people to want to purchase more of a luxury car.

He says the market for a high end vehicle is on the rise.

"We're looking at all of our high end lines, and that's where the market is right now. As well as we're seeing a lot of Mexican nationals coming over," he added.

Vacker says that Bert Ogden now has twenty franchises. And with their success, he hopes to give back to the valley economically and continue to see it grow.